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GroWiser enables leaders to build stronger teams.

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GroWiser is a brand new approach to organizational development and leadership.  We believe the key to organizational development is aligned, healthy leadership from the newly promoted, first time manager to the C-suite, and everyone between.  

Employee engagement and team performance is not an HR function.  It is a critical component to building a scalable company, and starts with investing in leadership development. 

Managers play a critical role in building high performing teams, but they often lack the resources, tools and insights they need to be successful.  And in the absence of manager enablement, senior leaders and executives tend to try to fix issues without enough context, and culture gets damaged.   We know there's a better way.  Our mission is to make work better by growing together, not apart.

Our Philosophy


People come first.  Strong culture depends on an engaged, aligned team with consistent, resilient leadership.

We help leaders build and align their teams through growth and change.  Our nudges encourage empathetic leadership.


Building great habits is easier with the right tools.  Our platform provides training resources, nudges, and collaboration tools.


Calendar optimization makes planning easier, gives time for meeting prep, and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.


Our organizational design and development team works with your leaders to assess, design, and implement people and process strategies so you can achieve your business goals. 

We use our platform to train and coach, ensuring you continue to grow.

Leadership Team

Nanci Churchill
CEO and Co-Founder
Eric Sendelbach
CTO and Co-Founder
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GroWiser Manager Enablement Platform

Get free access to the manager's enablement platform. We're building intelligent, actionable solutions for today's fastest growing companies.  

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