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GroWiser Lead Better Course for Managers

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Managers are the key to unlocking high performing teams. But managers don't get the training, coaching and support needed to be successful. Too often, they're left to figure out how to lead as they go. Even when managers have access to training, it's usually outdated or irrelevant classroom sessions that are forgotten immediately after the class. Now, there's a better way. Learn to lead with GroWiser's Manager Enablement System. Built by managers for managers, this system is designed to help you build a high performing team, ready for growth. In this course, we unlock the 4 dynamics of team engagement, teach you how to implement leadership strategy into your week and month, and guide you through becoming a leader that grows stronger teams. Each lesson is broken into concepts, homework, and supplemental material, and include follow up questions to help you implement what you've learned. Level up your leadership with GroWiser!

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