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Stay on top of critical tasks, grow team engagement and performance, increase your executive presence, and reduce burnout, all in one personalized platform.

Be the manager
you always wanted to have.

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Being a Manager is hard.  GroWiser makes it easier.

Too often, managers are not onboarded as leaders.  Instead, they're left to sink or swim without training, tools, or feedback.  Now there's a better way.  GroWiser's Manager Enablement platform gets you back on track and keeps you there.

With tools for training, time management and collaboration, all built into the calendar you already use, there's no reason to go it alone anymore.

A Manager Enablement platform can help you...
Grow Your Skills

Take advantage of curated training, based on your growth plan, optional live coaching, and real time nudges to level up your game.

Collaborate Better

Create shared agendas with your team members in your own spaces, right from your calendar, before the meeting starts.

Save Time

Calendar optimization lets you plan your week, prep for the big meeting, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Grow Your Career

Communication prompts and templates, reviewed by coaches allow you to grow your executive presence.

Build momentum with better meetings

Inspired employees drive bigger results. Team meetings and 1:1's provide a great opportunity to build a sense of accomplishment on your team.

GroWiser's platform guides managers through the motions of creating agendas before the meeting, collaborating with team members, and wrapping up with relevant recaps, creating momentum that breed success.

Private collaboration spaces improve team performance

Good performance depends on good communication, aligned expectations, and candid feedback.

GroWiser's platform makes accountability part of a weekly process, building consistent feedback for managers and teams. Build accountability into 1:1 agendas and recaps seamlessly.

Create a sense of belonging on your team

It's important for your employees to feel like they are valued as an individual, and that they're part of a great team. Managers are uniquely positioned to build the strongest relationships with individuals across your organization.

GroWiser's platform coaches you to leverage time with team members to build relationships that will increase engagement and performance. The integrated online training digs deeper into Individuality & Camaraderie so you can lead like an expert.

Show your team you appreciate their work

Managers who reward and recognize their team create stronger bonds with individuals that increase engagement and retention.

Reward & Recognition is a key component of GroWiser's online training course, and is built into meeting templates so you can showcase your team's skills.

More powerful meetings build better results

Show up to your meetings prepared ready to tackle important issues. Give your employees visibility into upcoming talking points so they can be ready too.

GroWiser's calendar integration prompts managers to create relevant agendas before the meeting, talk about things that matter, and send recaps consistently, making meetings more valuable.

Make time to grow your career

Self development and empowerment are critical for managers to create a growth mindset. Give yourself time to plan, time to grow, and time to develop your executive presence.

GroWiser's personal planning, personal development, and recap sessions create opportunities to improve time management, personal skills, and communication capabilities, supercharging your career growth.

Manage up like a pro

Managing the relationship and communication with your manager is key to fostering alignment in the organization and maximizing your potential.

GroWiser's platform guides you through proven methodologies for managing up, crafting relevant updates and giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills.

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GroWiser Managers increase performance and get promoted

Increased Manager and Employee Engagement 

Greater Manager Confidence and Promotion-Readiness

More Consistent Performance Management

Our team is loving GroWiser.  I was just talking to one of our managers today and he specifically mentioned some benefits he's noticed.  Thanks for being a great partner for Decimal!

Matt Tait
CEO, Decimal Accounting

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Create a culture of open and continuous feedback

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